Metal Mountings

Hutchinson has a range of all steel mounting whose essential elements is the “steel cushion”, made from woven stainless steel wire and compressed.

Unaffected by corrosion. Steel mountings are unaffected by oil, grease, solvents, weather conditions and corrosive products.

Hutchinson have a range of all steel mounting whose essential element is the « steel cushion » made from woven stainless steel wire and compressed. Steel mountings have considerable mechanical strength as well as high damping characteristics in the order of 10 to 20%, depending on the application. Unaffected by corrosion. Steel mountings are unaffected by oil, grease, solvents, weather conditions and corrosive products. Unaffected by temperature. Steel mountings withstand temperature from -70°C to +300°C without any changes of the characteristics. Low natural frequency: Steel mountings with springs can have natural frequencies as low as 3 Hz, which can provide up to 80% attenuation for low speed rotating machineries.
The VIBSOL® mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with anti-slip elastomer pad on both side. High and low temperature with good resistance to fatigue; It offers good stability for the suspended machine; Constant natural frequency over a wide load range.
This suspension system consists of rectangular cushions made of woven compressed stainless steel. The system is particularly suitable for mounting exhaust pipes from generator sets on board ship or permanently mounted in buildings.
Standard or custom metallic cushions can be used for many industrial applications. They are naturally resistant grease, oil, water, dust, etc; Extension temperature range from -70℃ to +300℃; Stabilized with a long service life. High damping ratio.
The range can be used for mounting machine tools in harsh industrial environments, and can be used for mounting forming tools (pressed, shears, folding machines) and improves the vibration isolation level.
This machinery mount, with adjustable height, is used for machine tools and other rotation machine. The system available with a constant natural frequency over a wide load range; Conical wire mesh cushion, capable of lateral loads.
Low profile mounts are high static and dynamic load range. Mainly for presses and machine tools without the need to fix or grout in position.
This mount ensures good stability of the suspended equipment. The system is very suitable for rotating machines. All metal mount comprising a stack of between two and three woven steel, this make higher levels of isolation.
The isometric stiffness characteristics and anti-rebound metal cushions of these suspensions makes them suitable for suspending engines on ships, vehicle etc.
Series of all metal low profile mounts with one or two cushions, working in compression only, permitting high dynamic overloads. Mounts can be fixed on floor. These mounts are designed for presses, machine tools, transformers and diesel engines.
The upper and lower stainless steel cushion are the resilient elements of the mount. Very suitable for isolating light machine tools.
The 402-MG damper has a cast iron upper cover and mounting plate and a high strength aluminum alloy shaft. It can be used to suspend fixed or on board machine tools and rotating machines (pumps, engines, generator sets rotating at speeds over 2500rpm).
The V1H751 and 752 range has a pressed steel casing and mounting plate and light alloy shaft. The resilient element is a stainless steel wire pad. The system is possible to use them for mounting on board equipment in ships, rail, road transport, civil engineering plant or fixed machined that have to be floor mounted.
The resilient elements are stainless steel wire mush cushions. Isolation of rotating machines: engines, sets, pumps, etc.
V1H-6000 and V1H-6001 steel mounts have a mounting plate, a cover and a swaged steel shaft. The system is suitable for mounting on board equipment on military ground vehicles and ships.
This range of mounts has several types. These very low frequency isolators (down to 3Hz) can be used to mount machine, achieving an attenuation of about 95%. They are all metal and can be used outdoors or in the hardest conditions. As they do not creep, their life time may be the same as that of the machine they are used to mount.
The mental construction enable them to operate in the hardest of conditions. The mount can be used for mounting electronic or computer equipment, navigation equipment and on board measurement instruments.
VE isolators have a cylindrical stainless steel spring, a galvanized body, an elastomer noise reduction guide and steel rings or studs depending on the model.
The range of mounts has a stainless steel cable wound between light alloy bars. These dampers can absorb accelerations to equipment subjected to shock and drop. Mainly for protecting of equipment in containers, racks and any fragile on board equipment.
Machine mount available with a stud (SP55*W) or thread hole (SP56*) Mount for low loads and suitable for rotating machines and laboratory equipment.
Isolation of exhaust stuck and pipework. The system has a long service life and high performance on noise isolation.
MV801/MV803 has a stainless steel wire mesh cushion and spring attached to aluminum alloy upper and lower cup with threaded center holes. Isolation of low speed stationary rotating machines and sensitive equipment.