Our products application as below

The cupboard or the electric boxes are essential on every industrial or tertiary site. In outside or inside, they have to protect the sensitive electricity or computing networks, which they contain. In stainless steel, metal or in polyester, they must be isolated, in order to avoid the transmission of shock & vibrations into their components. Thus, their life expectancy is being increased while guaranteeing optimal functioning.

Paulstra has developed a range of specific products for the protection of these sensitive elements.

An elevator is a mobile equipment used for the vertical transportation of people or objects within a construction. The elevator is installed most of the time in a cage, generally inside the building where it generates solid vibrations due to their engine. To improve the comfort for the users and residents, Paulstra developed numerous solutions allowing the vibration isolations and the decreasing of sound levels.

This is a device mixing and beating various substances (in particular cereal). Vibrations and shocks (generated by the unbalance) must be isolated by the structure with adapted antivibration and acoustic solutions which bring an improvement in the longevity of the structures and participate in the protection of the surrounding mechanical elements.

In order to improve the comfort of the pilot, cabins must be protected by means of antivibration mounts adapted to the vibrations and the surrounding shocks (vibrations of the engine of the vehicle, environment shock (roads).

The metallic parts are protected from the corrosion due to severe environments. The cabin mounts, certified shape RoHs, can be made in different type of elastomeric, following the customer requirements. This allows optimizing the choice of the solution according to the load and the excitation frequency.

An acoustic casing equipped with STRASONIC foams allows to damp appreciably the residual airborn noises.

Paulstra proposes a complete range of foams adapted to any application and any type of machine environment.

Air conditioners are equipped with compressors or ventilators generating low-frequency vibrations, and are often installed in buildings (on roofs) where we will find acoustic and vibratory nuisances which can weaken the structures.

The air conditioners can be also be fixed inside vehicles (trains, trucks, bus) and must be protected from shocks & vibrations (for the passengers comfort).

Paulstra proposes a wide range of suspensions to answer to these requirements.

The air compressors are sources of important vibrations. Therefore, they require the implementation of low-frequency suspensions, elastomer or metallic, allowing the decreasing of vibratory & acoustic levels and the protection of structures.

The transportation of sensitive and fragile equipmentneeds the use of specific packing equipped with dedicated mounts for shock and vibration isolation. Paulstra propose a wide range of elastomeric or metal mountings with high displacement under shock which can meet the different requirements for road, sea or air freight.

The dynamic forces (vibration and shocks) and the movements created to insure the operation of the machine, are majors sources of vibrations and of mechanical wear. Paulstra propose in its range products which are able to low the transmission of vibrations and to protect the metal frames without reducing the performances of the equipment.

The antivibration mountings produced by Paulstra for the slab and suspended floors improve the comfort of the persons living in the building and isolate noise and vibrations coming from miscellanour equipment.

Electronic equipments, as hard disk drive or electronic components, are very sensitive to vibrations and shocks, they have to be protected to guarantee a proper functioning and to increase their service life. Paulstra design a large range of dedicated products with a low nominal load, to protect these fragile components.

Onboard or not, gensets are an important source of noise and vibrations. Paulstra propose a range of products to improve the comfort of the users, to reduce the components wear and to protect the equipment around.

Conventional (lathe, milling machine) or with a numerical control (centre bore), the machine tools generate vibrations. To improve the comfort the operators and to meet the regulations in force, Paulstra have developed numerous solutions to limit the vibrations and to lower the noise level. These solutions allow too, to increase the shelf life of the machines and to improve the quality of production while limiting the structure-borne noise.

Whether for the pressure, the temperature, the flatness, the surface conditions, on-board or not, the control and measuring devices require an optimal accuracy. Active or passive, the Paulstra mountings are able to meet the higher requirements in terms of vibration isolation to ensure the accuracy of measurement and to increase the shelf-life of the equipment.

Communication units, power groups, converters, hard drives, monitors, air conditioning, ... whether by sea, land or air, onboard devices require not only antivibration systems of high performance, but also shock and snatching protection.

False ceilings or suspended ceilings, apart from their decorative aspect, allow the establishment of a sound insulation and even vibration for comfort of occupied rooms and adjoining rooms.

Suction systems or dischargers of fluids, pumps are widely deployed, whether fixed or onboard. Often motorized, they generate vibrations. The antivibrationmounts reduce their noise pollution, and extend the life of moving parts.

Installed in industrial halls and motorized, they allow equipments and heavy objects handling. Today, often equipped with sensitive electronic, protection against vibrations and shocks becomes compulsory.

Stamping, cutting, moulding presses vibrate and leads to a noxiousness for human and machines into their working conditions. Thus an efficient isolation from impacts and vibrations should be considered.

Speed reducers are usual motorized machines in the general industry.

As every engines, vibrations are a real issue that will be isolated thanks to antivibration (AVM).

The power conversion for an industrial using, public or private requires heavy devices that vibrate continuously (50 Hz most of the time), Paulstra suggests to avoid sources of noise annoyance put in place an appropriate solution for transformers from the French electric power supplier (EDF) or not.

A large, funnel-shaped device that serves as the entryway for stocking and distribute products. Hoppers are most of the time motorized that leads to a better movement of products. An accurate selection of the antivibration mount (AVM) will allow a good working condition of the machine meanwhile reducing the vibrations to the environment.

Fluid movement into the pipes vibrates.

Then the vibrations go from the pipes through the load-bearing because of the rigid fixing points. Hanging or antivibration mounts are required to avoid this issue.

Air handling system is a common used for air treatment in plants, buildings, or for private using (air-conditioning). Due to the high power of those rotating machines with fan blades and engines, the main issue is from the solid vibrations and then the air noise that require an accurate antivibration solution to solve the problem.