Easy movement of suspended machinery; Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load; Simple to fit.

Natural frequency:

6-11 Hz

data sheet:  
Product Description  

-The STABIFLEX mount comprises a conical rubber section bonded between inner and outer metal parts.

-Centre axis with threaded hole.

- Square(4holes) or diamond base(2holes) with clearance hole.

- Bonded natural rubber, anti-slip bead.

- Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load.


-          Axial elasticity two or three times higher than radial elasticity.

-          The rubber works in shear/compression.

-          Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.

-          Anti-slip (may be placed directly on the ground).



-     The machine may be placed with its mounts directly on the ground.

-     Speed of fixing.

-     Easy movement ofsuspended machinery.

-     Rubber protected against harmful liquids.

-     Extensiverange:3 hardness of rubbers for 5 existing types, allowing the mount to be optimized as a function ofthe load and forcing frequency.

-     May be used with an anti-rebound washer.


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