A very high axial elasticity; Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.

Natural frequency:

2.5-7 Hz

data sheet:  
Product Description  

The EVIDGOM® mount is formed from two thick conical membranes, joined at their bases to create a highly elastic mounting. There are three variations:

-       All rubber EVIDGOM®.

-       EVIDGOM® with bonded fixing.

-       EVIDGOM® with a diamond or square mounting plate (fixing plate supplied as a separate kit).


The design of the EVIDGOM® mount gives the following basic characteristics:

A very high axial elasticity.

Very low natural frequency (a few Hertz).

Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.


Simple to fix,

Simple and economical,

Extensive range:

- 13 stud diameters.

-Several heights foreach diameter.

- 5 methods of fixing.


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