Hutchinson provides noise and vibration insulation for Subway, Motor car, Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive, Hybrid Car, Heavy Rail motor car, Large-scale Road Maintenance Machinery in Railroad, Inspection Van, Urban Railway system and so on.

Our Products are widely used for:

Traction System

Cooling System

Air Conditioner System

Power Pack electric cabinet

Power Pack exhaust suspension

Toilet and bathroom suspension

TGV double deck

Floating floor

Rail transit car and dining car floor



Power Supply

We already served for ALSTOM, BOMBARDIER, AREVA, ABB, subsidiary of CRRC

Antivibrationisolationfor static equipment; Stabilized characteristics during service life; High performance for corrosion; Good design and simple to fit.
Easy movement of suspended machinery; Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load; Simple to fit.
Axial elasticity four times higher than radial elasticity; Can be used as a fail-safe assembly when fitted as in shape 1; Extensive range.
Anti-rebound; Can be used as safety mounting; Simple and economical; Extensive range of loads.
500/500L series mounts are low cost isolators that provide high load carrying capacity, compact size and stability. These mounts are perfect for isolating truck, bus and marine engines.
Hutchinson have a range of all steel mounting whose essential element is the « steel cushion » made from woven stainless steel wire and compressed. Steel mountings have considerable mechanical strength as well as high damping characteristics in the order of 10 to 20%, depending on the application. Unaffected by corrosion. Steel mountings are unaffected by oil, grease, solvents, weather conditions and corrosive products. Unaffected by temperature. Steel mountings withstand temperature from -70°C to +300°C without any changes of the characteristics. Low natural frequency: Steel mountings with springs can have natural frequencies as low as 3 Hz, which can provide up to 80% attenuation for low speed rotating machineries.
The VIBSOL® mount is made of a round metal cushion covered with anti-slip elastomer pad on both side. High and low temperature with good resistance to fatigue; It offers good stability for the suspended machine; Constant natural frequency over a wide load range.
This range of mounts has several types. These very low frequency isolators (down to 3Hz) can be used to mount machine, achieving an attenuation of about 95%. They are all metal and can be used outdoors or in the hardest conditions. As they do not creep, their life time may be the same as that of the machine they are used to mount.
The mental construction enable them to operate in the hardest of conditions. The mount can be used for mounting electronic or computer equipment, navigation equipment and on board measurement instruments.