We devote ourselves to develop noise and vibration insulation solutions for New Energy BusPure Electric Bus, Hybrid Power Bus, School Bus,

Shuttle Bus, Motor Homes, Bus, Travel Bus, Public Transportation Bus, Small and Medium size Commercial Vehicles, Blood Collecting Bus, Ambulance, Engineering Van, Airport Shuttle Bus, Exhibition Car

We already achieved the long-term cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, IRISBUS, VOLVO, IVECO.

Electronic Equipment
  • polyflex
Air Conditioner
  • 22000series
Engine Control Unit
  • stabiflex
Battery Pack
  • v1n303v1n304v1n305v1n306v1n308
Independent Front
  • radiaflex®
Car Body
  • 44000-series
Auxiliary Power Unit
  • flex-loc
Cooling System
Air Conditioner System
  • triaxdyn
Rear Engine