Marine / Navy

Commercial marine applications for workboats and pleasure craft differ in specification and performance requirements. Mechanical vibration isolation as well as stuctureborne noise attenuation solutions have been provided by Hutchinson to electronic equipment, propulsion sets, exhausting system, auxiliary facilities, deck mount, pumps, fans, cooling system,  

  • vibcable
  • 7002
Electronic Equipment
  • slf-mounts
  • v1n303v1n304v1n305v1n306v1n308
Exhaust System
  • paulstrafloat®
  • stabiflex
  • engine-mounting
  • vib-hd-56
Propulsion Equipment
  • vib-hd-45
  • vibmar
Control Cabinet
  • vib-ld-03
Auxiliary Facilities
  • “sandwich”-mounts
  • v118-mg-v118-dgv318-v318-d
  • acoustic-foams
Acoustic foams
  • stabiflex
  • paulstradyn®
Pump, fans, cooling system,
wastewater treatment system