The dynamic forces (vibration and shocks) and the movements created to insure the operation of the machine, are majors sources of vibrations and of mechanical wear. Paulstra propose in its range products which are able to low the transmission of vibrations and to protect the metal frames without reducing the performances of the equipment.

Elastomer Mounts: 


Metalwork: mild steel, plated; Natural rubber, bonded, cylindrically shaped; Simple and economical...


A very high axial elasticity; Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.
Metal mountings: 


MV801/MV803 has a stainless steel wire mesh cushion and spring attached to aluminum alloy upper and...
Acoustic foams: 


50 mm of corrugated PU Ether absorption foam. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range:...


NBR-PVC based waterproof cellular rubber thickness 30mm(±3mm), Self adhesive layer on one side...


NBR based waterproof cellular rubber, Thickness 33 mm. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature...
Flexible couplings: