Speed reducers

Speed reducers are usual motorized machines in the general industry.

As every engines, vibrations are a real issue that will be isolated thanks to antivibration (AVM).

Elastomer Mounts: 
Easy movement of suspended machinery; Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load; Simple to fit.
Axial elasticity four times higher than radial elasticity; Can be used as a fail-safe assembly when fitted as in shape 1; Extensive range.
Anti-rebound; Can be used as safety mounting; Simple and economical; Extensive range of loads.
Anti-vibration mount for stationary equipment with protective cover.
Anti-vibration and shock mount for navy, high loads, medium deflection, low frequency.
Metal Mountings: 
This range of mounts has several types. These very low frequency isolators (down to 3Hz) can be used to mount machine, achieving an attenuation of about 95%. They are all metal and can be used outdoors or in the hardest conditions. As they do not creep, their life time may be the same as that of the machine they are used to mount.
Acoustic Foams: 
Mass heavy silicone foam, density 500kg/m3, weight from 1.25 to 5kg/m².
50 mm of corrugated PU Ether absorption foam. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range: from - 25°C to +110°C.
NBR-PVC based waterproof cellular rubber thickness 30mm(±3mm), Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range : ...
NBR based waterproof cellular rubber, Thickness 33 mm. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range static from
Dynamic sealings: 
Coupling compact for reducing torque, mounting spigot.
Flexible Couplings
Couplings for high speeds for high torque.