Installed in industrial halls and motorized, they allow equipments and heavy objects handling. Today, often equipped with sensitive electronic, protection against vibrations and shocks becomes compulsory.

Elastomer Mounts: 
Very high axial loads; The suspended equipment is free to move in all directions; High resistance to atmospheric exposure.
Wide ranges of stops for shock absorption, there are several types of stops.
Wide loading ranges, for wide applications.
Metal Mountings: 
This suspension system consists of rectangular cushions made of woven compressed stainless steel. The system is particularly suitable for mounting exhaust pipes from generator sets on board ship or permanently mounted in buildings.
Standard or custom metallic cushions can be used for many industrial applications. They are naturally resistant grease, oil, water, dust, etc; Extension temperature range from -70℃ to +300℃; Stabilized with a long service life. High damping ratio.