This is a device mixing and beating various substances (in particular cereal). Vibrations and shocks (generated by the unbalance) must be isolated by the structure with adapted antivibration and acoustic solutions which bring an improvement in the longevity of the structures and participate in the protection of the surrounding mechanical elements.

Elastomer Mounts: 
Antivibrationisolationfor static equipment; Stabilized characteristics during service life; High performance for corrosion; Good design and simple to fit.
A very high axial elasticity; Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.
Very high axial loads; The suspended equipment is free to move in all directions; High resistance to atmospheric exposure.
TheBeca mount with protective cap, small footprint. Very slim; Speed of fixing; Simple removal of the assembly; Extensive loading range.
Metal Mountings: 
The isometric stiffness characteristics and anti-rebound metal cushions of these suspensions makes them suitable for suspending engines on ships, vehicle etc.
The 402-MG damper has a cast iron upper cover and mounting plate and a high strength aluminum alloy shaft. It can be used to suspend fixed or on board machine tools and rotating machines (pumps, engines, generator sets rotating at speeds over 2500rpm).
The resilient elements are stainless steel wire mush cushions. Isolation of rotating machines: engines, sets, pumps, etc.
V1H-6000 and V1H-6001 steel mounts have a mounting plate, a cover and a swaged steel shaft. The system is suitable for mounting on board equipment on military ground vehicles and ships.
This range of mounts has several types. These very low frequency isolators (down to 3Hz) can be used to mount machine, achieving an attenuation of about 95%. They are all metal and can be used outdoors or in the hardest conditions. As they do not creep, their life time may be the same as that of the machine they are used to mount.
MV801/MV803 has a stainless steel wire mesh cushion and spring attached to aluminum alloy upper and lower cup with threaded center holes. Isolation of low speed stationary rotating machines and sensitive equipment.