In order to improve the comfort of the pilot, cabins must be protected by means of antivibration mounts adapted to the vibrations and the surrounding shocks (vibrations of the engine of the vehicle, environment shock (roads).

The metallic parts are protected from the corrosion due to severe environments. The cabin mounts, certified shape RoHs, can be made in different type of elastomeric, following the customer requirements. This allows optimizing the choice of the solution according to the load and the excitation frequency.

Elastomer Mounts: 
The machine may be placed with its mounts directly on the ground; Quick installation; Rubber protected against harmful liquids; Very suitable for mobile equipment.
Easy movement of suspended machinery; Cup to protect the rubber and distribute the load; Simple to fit.
Axial elasticity four times higher than radial elasticity; Can be used as a fail-safe assembly when fitted as in shape 1; Extensive range.
Anti-rebound; Can be used as safety mounting; Simple and economical; Extensive range of loads.
Axial to radial stiffness of 1:1; Absorb vibrations and reduce noise in all directions; Chloroprene resistant to oils; Simple and economical; Extensive loading range.
This anti-vibration mount comprised two elastomers which are assembled into a casting and pre-loaded. The mounting is very suitable for engine mounting, cab mounting and equipment mounting.
Anti-vibration mount for stationary equipment with protective cover.
Metal Mountings: 
The V1H751 and 752 range has a pressed steel casing and mounting plate and light alloy shaft. The resilient element is a stainless steel wire pad. The system is possible to use them for mounting on board equipment in ships, rail, road transport, civil engineering plant or fixed machined that have to be floor mounted.
V1H-6000 and V1H-6001 steel mounts have a mounting plate, a cover and a swaged steel shaft. The system is suitable for mounting on board equipment on military ground vehicles and ships.
Acoustic Foams: 
Mass heavy silicone foam, density 500kg/m3, weight from 1.25 to 5kg/m².
50 mm of corrugated PU Ether absorption foam. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range: from - 25°C to +110°C.
NBR-PVC based waterproof cellular rubber thickness 30mm(±3mm), Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range : ...
NBR based waterproof cellular rubber, Thickness 33 mm. Self adhesive layer on one side. Temperature range static from